Anyone who knows how to get free downloads for flash player or activeX PLEASE comment this blog and tell me where or how to get it.

ps: I need it becuz i cant play or watch anything on my computer even on this site.

: ( 12/05/2008

Sorry david i cant get any videos but i did find a great family guy website with all the latest episodes!


............. 12/05/2008

Ok david ill get some family guy and simpson episodes.

:( :( :( :( 12/04/2008

I tried it and the school blocks IP adresses... : (

: ) : ) 12/03/2008

I found a way to get the ip codes so if u want the code for a website to use at school then comment the website u want and ill write it on the next blog entry.

: ( 12/03/2008

Sorry but my website wont work at school witout a proxy......

: ) 12/02/2008

My website is doing great i hope u like it.

first steps 12/02/2008

I just got some games and videos i could find....... so enjoy!

First Post! 12/01/2008

This is my first game website and i hope u enjoy it!


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